Why Do Flowers Cost So Much?

Why Do Flowers Cost So Much?

I get asked this question on a regular basis. As a wedding florist I understand what one little flower has to go through to make it into a bridal bouquet. Just think when you plant seeds not all of them pop up, and the ones that do need time and love to grow strong. So many factors affect flowers like the recent floods that we have had locally and the high temperatures in the southern states.

I am a very caring person at heart and often get taken a back when bride’s get a shock at the quoted price from my quote and other florists quotes to compare prices. Some bride’s say ‘they are only flowers and they will die!’ Well, it is not the fact that they will die, it is all about the journey they go through in their little life to make it into your bouquet!

It is a well known fact that buying American made in most purchases whether it is food or furniture costs more and so be it! If I am supporting an American business then I will pay what they are asking. I also prefer to buy American flowers and more importantly local flowers because the quality is so much better then flowers brought in from overseas (even as far as Europe-Amazing!!!) And even they attract a high price due to freight and so on.

Flowers need to be transported carefully so they are delivered in prime quality, they take more time and that means, and yep you guessed it, more money! Flowers also need to be picked; packaged and processed carefully too and at just the right time to avoid bruising as one bruised petal is not good enough for a wedding bouquet!


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