Unique Wedding Table Centerpieces

Unique Wedding Table Centerpieces

By: Ollie Jones

Every bride dreams of enjoying a beautiful reception at the conclusion of her wedding. For the bride who likes to do things a little different or who wants wedding centerpieces that are unique and extraordinary, here are some table ideas that are sure to wow your guests and reflect beautifully upon the bride and her planner.

Edible Wedding Centerpieces are not only beautiful but functional and popular with wedding guests.

There are many unique ways to incorporate food into a lovely table centerpiece. One option might be to use crystal bowls with colored jelly beans (use the reception decorations colors) in the center of each table. Along with these you should be sure to have a candy scoop or two in the setting for the guests use. For an oblong table you could opt for several bowls spaced equally apart along a coordinating runner. Other great options for fills might include such edibles as Hershey’s kisses, candy bars, mints, or another hard candy.

Edible arrangements are growing more popular and these are an excellent choice as a wedding table centerpiece. These might be arranged in such a way to include fresh floral blooms and greenery or you might choose to stick with fresh fruit that is skewered for easy access. Fruit bowls might be another great option, especially for a less formal or even an outdoor event.

A fondue fountain surrounded by a lazy susan type fruit tray is another great edible presentation. This centerpiece offers your guests the option of fresh fruit alone or dipped chocolate or caramel. Consider exotic fruit such as kiwi, pineapples, strawberries and specialty apples for your presentation. Good old-fashioned Floral presentations are still the centerpiece standard and their beauty unsurpassed

There are many ways to use alternative items as wedding centerpieces with your floral arrangements. For the eclectic type bride, why not try some mason jars wrapped with beautiful ribbon and filled with wildflowers. Why not use wine glasses or goblets turned upside down as your centerpiece. create a floating floral bouquet and top it with the stemware. Top the glass with a candle which may be tall, short or flat. Use ribbons, twine or another flourish in order to accent the setting.

Rocks or glass beads are also a beautiful and versatile start to an alternative wedding table centerpiece. These come in a variety of colors and sizes. Use a crystal, glass or other special container to display the rocks or beads and build from there. You can add twigs to an outdoor setting. Include some moss and coordinating ribbon or material in order to draw the pieces together.

Simple always makes a statement. Why not splurge on a very unique and rare flower in a simple vase. Some great options might be the Casablanca Lily, Gardenia’s, Hydrangea, Lily of the Valley or Lisianthus. These flowers tend to be more expensive. Use a few per table in an impressive vase that makes a statement of its own. Use greenery or accents that compliment the flowers. This sort of centerpiece will give a very classic and elegant statement.

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